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Propane is HOT!

If you’re thinking, “Where can I buy propane near me?” search no more. Oliver Propane Solutions is the propane supplier you need. From large scale applications in commercial buildings to energy in new home construction we are the best place to buy propane. Our solutions include gas propane delivery and propane refill performed with superior customer service and maximum safety.


Cylinders for forklifts, propane for electric generators, energy sources for heating of large manufacturing facilities, clean energy for high rise buildings are just a small part of the Industrial Propane world. Propane is the growing clean energy source of choice for many of the industrial owners and developers in Texas. With the addition of our high tech approach, we can bring to the owners and operators lower costs and increased profits and dependability.


Propane is an ideal solution for large-scale applications in commercial establishments. Choosing the right company to supply your commercial propane tank will have an impact on the propane costs and efficiency of fueling your business. With the addition of our high tech approach, we can bring to the owners and operators lower costs and increased profits and dependability.


Propane offers affordable alternatives to electricity in homes. . Propane can be used in your home to heat air and water, dry clothes, cook indoors and in your propane fire pit, for outside decorative lighting and heating pools and SPAs. No matter where you use propane in your home, you can save energy and time with Oliver Propane Solutions. 


Food Truck

We are a reliable propane provider for food trucks and motor homes. We switch your propane cylinders quickly and safely. You can always count on us on a more permanent solution by making a schedule for refill. Also, visit with us or your service agent and discuss if your demand justifies a small tank for your food truck or trailer. Quite often that is a more economical option than cylinders.

Brewery & Distillery

Central Texas over the last three decades has witnessed an enormous and varied growth in breweries and distilleries. We consider this very specialized business segment a target market for Oliver Propane. We look forward to introducing our services and technologies to this group of entrepreneurs and explaining how Oliver Propane through technology can increase their productivity.


Our Services

Our Services inlcude a wide range of propane solutions. No matter what the use or the location we have a reliable propane solution for you!

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About Us

Our Service focus is always Dependability, Pricing, Backup, Technology and Safety. Our team has a multilingual approach and ready to help you in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We look forward to working with you and hope you find your experience worthwhile.

The Best in Technology

At Oliver Propane Solutions we believe in technology. We provide our residential, commercial and industrial customers a high-reliability monitoring solution. Our device makes it possible to monitor your tanks – anytime and from anywhere – via mobile app.

We offer powerful, dependable, flexible propane monitoring with just a few clicks.

Exclusively for our clients.

¿ Tienes un Food Trailer ? 

Conozca a nuestro equipo. Consulte con ellos el uso y tipo de propano para usted. Le prepararemos un plan para abastecerlo.

Propane tanks are a convenient and cost-effective way to power the stoves and equipment that will help you deliver your services. Our team of propane experts will help you calculate how much propane you’ll need to power your appliances. Talk to our experts and make a refill schedule.

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Oliver Propane is a great team of committed people. Mr Oliver offers his personal services & makes sure you know that you don’t have to worry about propane anymore. They deliver to our door.

Their customer service is excellent. They take the time to check on you making sure your business has the propane to run smoothly.