What is a Propane Monitor?

propane tank level indicator

Written by mrUser

October 23, 2021

A propane monitors primary purpose is to measure the level of gas inside your propane tank. This lets you know when it’s time to refill the tank or if there’s a problem with the tank that may require maintenance. 

These remote propane monitors can be installed on the outside of your tank and wirelessly monitor everything. That said… 

How does a Remote Propane Monitor Work?

We have all heard the latest news about smart home technology. A wireless propane tank monitor brings your fuel system into that network, making it as easy to track how much propane you have in your tank at all times. 

The monitor will measure and track real-time propane levels and make the data available for you to see at any time. It does this by measuring the amount of combustible gas (propane in this case) in parts per million (ppm). 

Your propane monitor connects to the propane tank gauge and runs on an internal battery (ours has a 10 year life) and connects to a slot on the gauge on your tank, allowing it to “read” the gauge and transmit the reading to a web app via cellular or wireless technology.

 By adding this monitor, you know exactly how much gas is in your tank at all times.  That way you never run the risk of a propane running out of propane. Adding a monitor to your system is an easy fix way to let you know  when you need a tank refill.

With our convenient app you can even monitor your propane levels on your smart phone. This is done through an easy to understand web app or on your smartphone. You can set alerts, low tank notifications, or setup an email or text notification to let you know your fuel level is getting low.

Within your app or your online account you can also setup alerts for propane use. I you prefer to order one your own, you can set up to receive alerts when your propane levels drop to a set level. This allows you time to contact your service provider to schedule a delivery.

Since you can track and see your fuel levels, you will also be able to confirm when a delivery has been made and how much propane has been added to the tank. These alerts are especially helpful if you own rental or vacation properties as they allow you to check your propane levels without being physically present in your property.

On the other hand, if you want a more hands off approach…

Here at Oliver Propane we can also monitor your daily levels, daily usage statistics, and keep an eye on your tank to make sure you never run out. Monitoring your propane levels allows us to schedule a delivery as needed, so you don’t have to worry.

 Wireless tank monitoring is a great way to make managing your propane deliveries simple and worry-free. Our free tank monitors send a signal to our office. It lets you and us know how much propane is in your tank at any moment. The receiver in your tank alerts us when it’s time for a refill, and we can come out as required. 

Any homeowner in the Austin area can benefit from this free monitor. Being able to track fuel usage and tank levels removes makes life much easier and gives you one less thing to think about since your tank will always have plenty of propane.

And if you own an AirBnB property, backup generator, or heated pool, it makes even more sense to call and get your free monitor today.

 Even with our milder weather here in Texas, if you’ve never had a propane run-out before, a wireless tank monitor could be a smart move for you. 

Oliver Propane customers qualify for a FREE remote tank monitor. Give our friendly staff at Oliver Propane Solutions a call at 512-913-7695 to get yours installed today. 

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