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Are Propane Tanks Safe to Use?

Yes propane is a safe, reliable, and clean source of energy. 

How Much Propane Will I Use During the Winter?

This depends on how many propane run appliances a home has. For example on average a water heater could use 250 gallons during the winter depending on how many people are in the household, a propane fireplace could use 200 gallons depending on how much it is used, a stove could use 20 – 35 gallons depending on how much it is used, a furnace may use between 441 – 1300+ gallons depending on the square footage of your home.


How Do I Make a Delivery Schedule?

A delivery schedule can be set up however best fits your individual needs. 

What is the Minimum amount of Propane Delivery?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of propane per delivery.


Is Propane Sold by Pound or Gallon?


How do I Place an Order With Oliver Propane Solutions?

An order can be placed over the phone, in person, or online.

What Size Tank Should I Get?The most common aboveground sizes are 120, 500, & 1000 gallon tanks. The typical underground tank is 500 or 1000 gallons. When picking a tank, you will want to go by the square footage of your home & how many propane run appliances you have in order to determine the appropriate size you will need.


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